Zycoo Z4FXO - Module de 4 ports FXO pour le Zycoo U50 et U100

Module de 4 ports FXO pour le Zycoo U50 et U100

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Le module 4FXO supports CooVox-U50 et CooVox-U100 IPBX Systeme Avec 4 ports RJ11 pour se connecter a des lignes RTC (Analogique). Chaqu'une a ligne a un LED sur le module LED(Light-Emitting Diode).

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  • Module de 4 ports FXO pour le Zycoo U50 et U100

 Fiche Technique


Detects ringing when on-hook
Detects loop current when off-hook
Detects when tip/ring voltage crosses a set voltage when on-hook or off-hook (called DC triggering)
Can accommodate private branch exchange (PBX) with –48 V battery voltage
Loop current range: 13-110mA
Voltage detection threshold is software-selectable

Port Connecteur


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CooVox-U100 IP PBX Phone System CooVox-U100
Zycoo - U100
CooVox U100 IP PBX Phone System
The CooVox-U100 IP Phone system is the ideal solution for business with up to 500 extensions and up to 80 concurrent calls. Adopting an innovative modular design, means it is very convenient to add telephony ports to expand the phone system. or basic rate interface (BRI module).

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