Bluenet BL420D - Carte Digital PCI avec 4 Ports E1

Carte Digital PCI avec 4 Ports E1 (BRI) BL420D

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Carte Digital PCI avec 4 Ports With Hardware channel switching More efficient processing ability,Supporting Hardware HDLC.Providing E1/T1/J1 support in one card,Compliance with international telecommunications standards ,Specifically designed for the Aste

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  • Carte Digital PCI avec 4 Ports E1 (BRI) BL420D


Technical Specifications
Size 9.5*10CMHalf-length standard industry pci card. Weight 200g
Configure BL420D/BL420DE – Quad span E1/T1/J1
BL220D/BL220DE – Dual span E1/T1/J1
BL120D/BL120DE – Single span E1/T1/J1
PCI Auto adaptive to 5v and 3.3v PCI 2.2 bus. Auto configuration and compatiable with popular mianboards.

32bits,132M bytes/sec DMA transmission  and supporting both slave and master mode.DMA transmission can be optimized according to mianboard.

PCIe Support PCI Express 1*X,4*X,8*X,16*X
PHY RJ45 120/75Ω DSX-1/CSU-1 Line-buildouts

Two Standalone framer to process receive and transmit frame. Supporting Frame formats:CRC4/non-CRC4/ESF/D4T1/E1

Automatic produce DS1 idle code. Supporting T1.403-1998.Producing and checking RAI-CI/AIS-CI/RAI
RCL,RLOS,RRA,RAIS warning interrupt
Standards ANSI: T1.403-1995, T1.2311993, T1.408
AT&T: TR54016, TR62411
ITU: G.703, G.704, G.706, G.736, G.775, G.823, G.932, I.431, O.151, Q.161
ITU-T: Recommendation I.432
03/93 B-ISDN User-Network InterfacePhysical Layer
ETSI: ETS 300 011, ETS 300 166, ETS 300 233, CTR12, CTR4
Japanese: JTG.703, JTI.431, JJ-20.11 (CMI Coding Only)
Environment Temperature range:0 50C
Leds One tri-colors led for every interface.Total leds: 4
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